The New Trademark Law in the UAE

what’s a trademark?
In phrases of Article 2 of regulation No. 36 of 2021, a trademark is considered to be a special mark that consists of, names, signatures, phrases, symbols, letters, addresses, numbers, drawings, seals, photographs, packing, engravings, shapes, figurative elements, simples colorations, colour mixtures and so forth. additionally, any sign that is 3 dimensional, a mark depicting a hologram or some other mark that is used to distinguish items or offerings of one venture from those of other undertakings consisting of an olfactory mark (scent mark) are taken into consideration to be trademarked beneath the brand new law
matters which aren’t trademarks?
Article 3 of the law No. 26 of 2021 stipulates positive sorts of marks which are now not able to be diagnosed as trademarks. a number of them are as follows:
A mark is without a specific character. which include marks that are simply created from numbers, marks that simplest designate the character, type or types of goods or offerings which might be presented to the marketplace underneath the mark.
Drawing, expressions or symptoms which might be in contravention with public order and morals.
Marks produced from army insignia and flags, the country wide brand of the UAE and different international locations, currencies of numerous kinds and some other symbols of the authorities in addition to a private institution each in the UAE and outdoors.
Symbols of the crimson pass or any other associated symbol.
Marks which are the same or just like marks which are non secular.
Marks which are only indicative of the geographical foundation of the goods at it creates confusion within the mind of the applicable consumer as to the commercial foundation of such items.
commonplace names, surnames except the earlier consent of the holder of the call were acquired previous to its use
Any be counted regarding academic achievements such as a diploma with the applicant of the mark has no legitimate entitlement